In order to make your selection easier, allow yourself to read this brief guide.

Please note that the width and length are measured in millimeters (mm) as well as the entire sets’ total width. These numbers (in millimeters) are to the right of each set of teeth


  1. Click on either banner below
    1. Upper & Lower Anterior teeth
    2. Posterior teeth
  2. Once there make a note of which size and color you’re looking to purchase
  3. Our teeth come in sets of two, meaning when you select the Upper & Lower Anterior teeth it will automatically select the corresponding Posterior teeth.
  4. Click on any of the teeth images in order to get a bigger view and notice the Mould No. (on the far left of every tooth image)
  5. Now that you made your selection, click on the image that says: Click to visit our Ebay Store 
  6. And now you automatically jump to our Ebay Store and from the drop down select your size (Mould No. these are 2P, 2D, A25 numbers and so forth) and then select your tooth shade number  (see color number = vita shade below) from the second dropdown.

Color Number = Vita Shade

59 = A1
62 = A1
65 = A3
66 = A2
67  = B3
69 = D4
77 = A3.5
81 = A3.5